About Me:

I was born in August 2007, I was my mom's 5th or 6th litter. I was one of 4 kittens, unfortunately one died right after birth.  There were 2 males and 1 female left, my sister has moved on to a new home but my brother stayed with me.


I like to relax and sleep most of the day, favorite spots are on top of the kitty condo, behind the sofa, and under the kitchen table.  I used to love sleeping in the plants when I was younger but I have since outgrown them.

I like to tear up paper towels or toilet paper and I love plastic shopping bags.  In the mornings I also like to play with the other kitty Sarah.

For the occasional special snacks I enjoy most lunch meats, I usually come running when I hear the bags open.  I also enjoy special holidays when there is a ham or turkey on the table.